I am a hobbyist DJ who enjoys all music and has been entertaining at dances, weddings and parties for several years now primarily around the western slope. Playing music for others started as hobby that grew into a small business over the past few years after years of remixing and entertaining small crowds grew into better equipment and larger playlists. In today’s digital era I specialize in all interests of music and have 99% of all requests. I play everything from top 40 hits, to 1950’s swing music.

I got into this business mainly because I disagree with the corporate prices for a DJ and wanted to offer a fair alternative for music entertainment. I offer a more personal level of care and commitment to my clients because I am a small business and not a corporate name that sends out hourly employees to entertain during someones special occasion.

The responsibility of a DJ is to entertain everyone during a window of opportunity where they can provide people the chance to cut loose, have fun and dance!